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In the event that your little one develops a cavity, you should know that it’s not uncommon for children to get cavities and it’s not your fault. No matter how often they brush or floss, it can be easy for a child to overlook certain areas while brushing.

If your child does happen to develop a cavity, it can be treated with dental filling. This can be difficult to explain to a child, especially if they have fears of going to see their dentist, Dr. Kyle Raymond. We understand how you and your child feels, and are here to help. Here are a few ways to help ease your child’s mind about their upcoming treatment.

Be calm. Children are highly observant will often take on the views of their parent. Your child’s reaction is largely dependent on your reaction. If you have any anxiety about your child’s treatment, don’t let them know.

Be positive. When you talk to your child about their treatment, you should avoid expressing any negativity, and should also refrain from blaming your child for the situation. Saying things such as “You should take better care of your teeth” will only make the situation worse. Just let them know that their dental filling from Dr. Kyle Raymond will fix your child’s cavity.

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