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Until your child reaches the age of six, the job of brushing his teeth belongs to you. However by about the age of six, your child is probably able to start brushing his teeth on his own. Be that as it may, you will still need to inspect his teeth after he is done to make sure he has done a thorough job. You can encourage good oral health habits in your child to make sure that his teeth stay healthy throughout his life.

First, model good brushing and flossing behavior. Make sure that your child sees you taking care of your teeth, which includes your visits to the dentist’s office. If you set a good example by brushing twice a day, and flossing at least once a day, your child will follow that example.

It takes two minutes to brush your teeth effectively, so you might try adapting one of your child’s favorite songs to a two-minute version to make sure they spend the right amount of time brushing.

Let our child choose his own toothbrush that features his favorite color, cartoon character or superhero. You might also try letting him select a flavored or themed-toothpaste. Be certain that it contains fluoride, and look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. You can buy a toothbrush for your child and let him practice brushing the teeth of a toy or stuffed animal.

Brush and floss your teeth along with your child. That way he can see you brushing and flossing properly and you can help him if he has any difficulty. Finally, praise and encourage your child for taking care of his teeth, and for successful visits to the dentist.  

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