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What are tooth buds? Unfortunately, they’re not characters from a fun kids’ TV show about sentient tooth humanoids sharing oral hygiene guidance (Yet.). Understanding about tooth buds will help motivate you to practice great dental hygiene habits when caring for your child’s pearly whites, so we’ve put together this info to help you.

Before your child is born, they create tooth buds in their jaw. These buds will erupt to become baby pearly whites during a process known as teething or infantile tooth eruption. This generally occurs at around six months of age, though some children experience tooth eruption at as early as three months of age, and other children may experience it at as late as one year old. The tooth buds are important because they become baby teeth, which form the room for permanent chompers that will assist your child throughout their life. Treating the baby teeth is vital as well, because permanent teeth need healthy baby teeth to come in properly.

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