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Children tend to be at greater risk for tooth decay than adults. In fact, about 42% of children between two and eleven years old have a cavity in their teeth. But don’t worry – your child doesn’t have to be one of these unfortunate statistics. Here are some things you can do to help:

Brushing and flossing is absolutely essential to oral health, no matter how young someone is. From around age 1 to age 5, or until the time they learn to tie their shoes, your child will need help with their oral hygiene routine. After they learn to brush on their own, you’ll want to remind them to help them get into the routine. You can make this experience fun by turning on some music and dancing after brushing, telling them a story, or singing a song as your child brushes.

The foods your child eats can also impact their oral health. Please limit the amount of sugar and acid that your child is exposed to in their foods, and make sure to offer them tooth-healthy foods like water-saturated fruits, cheese and yogurt, and leafy greens.

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