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Having a beautiful, bright smile is attractive. To keep your smile healthy and strong, there are quite a few things you may need to do to keep your pearly whites strong. However, had you heard that your oral health can actually have a major impact on the health of your entire body?

Sadly, poor oral health can actually lead to a number of issues, including diabetes. If your mouth is infected, your body will inflame. Naturally, your body will react to this inflammation. Unfortunately, this reaction could impair your ability to use insulin correctly. Still, even if your body does produce insulin, this inflammation may still lead to high blood pressure.

Heart disease has also been associated with poor oral health. Again, inflammation is typically the cause of this problem. You see, the blood vessels might constrict, which might lead to hypertension as your body works to address the inflammation. This problem will actually make you more likely to have a heart attack.

Unfortunately, a number of other issues have been linked to poor oral health. In reality, individuals who lose a tooth before they turn 35 are actually more likely to eventually have Alzheimer’s. Studies have also shown a connection between lackluster oral health and
osteoporosis and autoimmune disorders.

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