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As soon as your child’s first teeth begin to break the gum line, they can experience pain or discomfort. This process is completely natural and known as teething. However, there are numerous things you can do to prevent symptoms from getting worse

If your child is showing signs of teething, including irritability, fussiness, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, or difficulties sleeping, they will need additional care. However, if your baby is experiencing extreme symptoms from teething, it is important to consult a pediatric dentist. This includes symptoms of diarrhea, fever, or rashes.

If your infant is only suffering from minor symptoms of teething, consider using cleaning utensils to help alleviate any pain or discomfort they may feel. This includes gauze pads, small spoons, teething rings, your finger (if it’s clean), and other clean utensils. Avoid using teething tablets for children under 2, unless it is given by a dental professional.

No matter which teething treatments you select, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can give. If you would like Dr. Kyle Raymond and our team at Westlake Pediatric Dentistry to bring your child in for a comprehensive exam to determine which treatment is right for them, please schedule an appointment at our office in Austin, Texas, by calling us at 512-732-0022.